carisoprodol 350 mg cost Founded in 1957, here began a long tradition of art which has been passed on from generation to generation. At the beginning a small local shop dedicated specifically to religious sculptures which were elaborated mainly from cement, plaster and stucco. With time, came growth and expansion to new and more resistant materials like fiberglass and polyester resin, as well as an infinite variety of decorations and designs. Now a days, producing thousands of sculptures from scratch, including: sculpting, foundry and painting in various finishing techniques.

buy carisoprodol Santo Giuseppe Esculture, belongs to the Great School of Art of Quito, and specializes in Italian technique. This legacy has survived three generations and with each it has grown to become a market leader in Ecuador (original country), as well as in the whole region of South America. Proud of our high quality standards, and as a family enterprise with love and passion for art and its beauty, we are exporting to over a dozen countries in South America, Central America, North America and Europe.